Old Fashioned Love – A collab with Glenno x Young Henrys x Aisle6ix Industries

We’re big fans of Sydney artist Glenno, working with him on some great projects this year. One of those projects was the collab that we worked with Young Henrys and Glenno. Originally an entry for the annual Newtown Locals T-shirt design competition, which unfortunately it didn’t win, so we got in touch with Jenny from Young Henrys and decided to print the T-shirt anyway. All profits from the T-shirt were donated to Beyond Blue, it even made the back cover of The Music.

You can buy the T-shirt from the Young Henrys website.

Glenno’s artwork came with these words –

Hello you lovely Newtown folk,
It took a lot of soul-searching to produce a design that reflected my own experience and empathy for friends and strangers for whom this issue is very personal and very important to remedy. I didn’t want the design to be like an add or a barbed political slogan.
Lucky for me I’m married to my best friend. We are heterosexual and it was our freedom and decision to celebrate our romantic love by getting married. We weren’t going to have kids so the reason to be married was old fashioned in a sense. Love. Not really for any other reason but to have our day. A rites of passage to say we were bonded by love. This, in my opinion, is something that should be a freedom to all people, to marry without discrimination or criminal consequence.
I just thought that love as a feeling has always been the same energy or reality, through the ages for everyone lucky enough to fall into it.
The reason I chose the fifties stylings was that this was the era my parents grew up in, a time that someone like ex-prime-minister John Howard thought was a wonderful time for “normality” and social cohesion. It was in retrospect a conservative monoculture that bred bigotry and ignorance in this country. Nothing has changed with respect to Marriage Equality and until it does, it may as well still be post-war, white bread Australia.
Thanks for the chance to draw this.
99% pen and ink

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