How much does it cost? I quote specific to the job, as there are different factors to take into consideration each time.

Can it be screen printed? If it’s flat, it can be screen printed. Although some images are harder than others. Big, Bold, Vector based lines get the best results. Having said that some artwork is takes a bit  more to print.  Photo’s and halftone images can be printed, its uses a few different processes.

What can you print on? Pretty much everything – T-shirts, hoodies, paper, wood, card, plastic or vinyl. Pores, rippled surfaces are hard to print. Essentially the smoother the surface the better the print. You are essentially laying ink across the surface of what ever it is your printing. If you’re not sure, please ask.

Do you have a minimum print run? No we don’t. But the more you print means you’ll get a better price. This is the same for T-shirts and poster printing.

Is your artwork print ready? All artwork needs to be sent at 300dpi and ideally sized how you require it printed in CS5. If you’re using a specific font this needs to turned into an outline. If your image contains any tone this could require converting to halftone for it to be printable. If your artwork is not print ready this can add time and could potentially delay getting the finished goods to you. I’ll work with you to get the everything across the line, in the odd occasion that I can’t sort it, I know someone who can. This will result in some additional charges but don’t fear its hasn’t happened yet.

How big can print? A3 is the standard screen size that I have which when you think about it, is pretty big. One of the best things to do is once you have decided on what artwork you want to print, print is out and place it on the T-shirts and make sure it is the size that you want it to be. I can print bigger then A3, best thing to do is shoot me through what you want to print and we can take it from there.

How many screens are needed? Each colour in your design will need a new screen. If you’re not sure then get in touch.

What colour’s can you print? Colours are based on the Pantone Colour System, it’s used by pretty much everyone to reference a colours in almost all creative industries.

How soon can I have my printing? On average it takes 2-3 weeks but this is dependant on a couple of major factors. These are, artwork, stock, deposits etc. In most cases you’ll have everything before time is due but please allow extra time just in case.

Do you hold onto the screens? The Aisle6ix Industries Studio isn’t huge. If your definitely going to re-print with in 3 months, I’ll hold onto your screen. Best thing to do is let me know what you plan to do when as soon as you can. Recycling screens is an important part of my studio as it helps keep $$ down so if you call and want a re-print, as long as it’s the original artwork I’ll re-shoot the screen and won’t charge. New Art = New Screen set up fee.

Can you supply the T-shirts and paper? Yes I can, I use different suppliers for different jobs.

What if I want to supply my own T-shirts or paper?  Your more than welcome to supply your own T-shirts and paper. If you do, please note that you’ll have to include an 10% buffer of extra stock. In screen printing it’s not uncommon to have miss prints and this is what the 10% is for. In 99% of print jobs we don’t need the extra stock. We’ll either print it for free or give back you. We do charge a handling fee which will be included in the quoted price.

Do you deliver? When ever possible I use Australia Post, the charge of which would be added to your final invoice. You can however, you can always come past the studio and pick up or organise your courier to pick up.

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